We offer the whole range of consultations and services of a modern and dynamic business and tax consulting office including the following services:

Before starting a business

Preliminary discussions and analysis of the market situation, calculation of costs, budgeting, evaluation of economic efficiency, licences, choice of the ideal legal form, grants from public funds, tax assessment

For companies

Accounting, wages accounting, Intrastat reports, accounts closing, tax returns, cost accounting, balance sheet analysis, financial consultation, cash flow calculation, tax assistance, ICI, contributions (INPS, INAIL, etc.)

Company law

Wahl der optimalen Gesellschaftsform, Ausarbeitung Satzungen, Gründung und Anmeldung, Assistenz bei Protokollen und Versammlungen, Jahresabschlüsse und Berichte, Quotenabtretungen, Umwandlungen, Fusionen, Liquidation und Auflösung

Other types of consulting

Gifts, law of inheritance and inheritance reports, estimates (also sworn) of companies, quota and real estate, expertises, consultation for tax disputes, cooperatives, clubs and societies, non-profit organizations

Consulting for international business

Consulting for foreign companies with business relations in Italy, application of double taxation conventions, international tax law, assistance with cross-border business relations, company foundations etc. abroad

Contract law

Real estate contracts and contracts of sale of all kinds, tenancy agreements, lease agreements, family business foundation, commercial law, private contracts and agreements, leasing contracts